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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unud Registration 2010

Despite the announced result of selection via the Internet, the State University of Diponegoro University, Semarang and Semarang, still announce the results of University Entrance Selection Affairs (SNMPTN) 2010 manually on the print media. Insight watchlist Saturday morning, many of which mrema newspaper seller offers SNMPTN placard around campus Undip and Unnes Sekaran. So did their parents or prospective students who joined the test are still many who are looking for a newspaper, although an announcement could be seen on the internet.

"SNMPTN 2010 Announcement of results can be accessed online, but still put up Unnes Undip and announcements in newspapers," said Chairman of the Committee for Local 42 SNMPTN Semarang, Supriadi Rustad, overnight. He said the participants can see the announcement of the results SNMPTN 2010 through an online site that is provided, namely www.snmptn.ac.id begin Friday (16 / 7) at 18:00 pm.

However, he said, the participants are usually not enough when just looking on the internet and choose to see in the papers, so it still will facilitate this. In the new admissions through the path SNMPTN, he said, Undip provide quota for new students as much as 1619 people from a total quota of 8305 students.

"Unnes provide a quota of new students through SNMPTN of 1345 people, of the total quota of new students as many as 4859 people," said Supriadi who is also Vice Rector (PR) I Unnes it.

Snmptn Registration

Download Prosedur Pendaftaran Ulang Unud

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snmptn Unud

As President of Udayana University, I extend a very warm welcome to you and invite you to explore our programs.
As one of Indonesia’s leading teaching and research universities, we offer both undergraduate degrees as well as a range of postgraduate degrees.
At Udayana University, we are committed to providing you with a mixture of excellence academic education, enjoyable education experience, social interaction and engagement with local and wider community. We have an ambitious vision towards a world class university through our distinctive ability to integrate education and research. The Udayana University continous to rise its national rangkings by listed within the top 15 universities in 2007, confirmed our position a step closer to our ambition.
During the current academic year there are over 18000 students attached to 12 undergraduate and 12 postgraduate degree programs.
Since we believe that the creation of multicultural learning environment is essential to achieving our goals, started from 2000 the university had welcomed international students. By 2007, there were total about 2320 international student that showing 10 different nationalities.
Udayana University acknowledge as having the top research performances in biotechnology, medical sciences, also rated highly in social science and tourism studies. The university regularly achieves Indonesian top awards for individual teachers.
As part of our responsibilities, Udayana University is fully engaged in communities and work closely with many professions, schools, government and industries. It is aimed to influences our societies at local, national, regional and international levels.
I encourage you to explore our website and see our commitment to deliver the highest educational standards in all we do.

Prof. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta, SpPD (KHOM)

Udayana University was established by the Act of Minister of Higher Education Republic of Indonesia No.104/1962, on 9th of Agustus 1962. It was after being an initial period as part of Airlangga University since 29 September 1958. So that making it the first university to be established in Bali Province. With 4 courses in 1962, Udayana University has developed a wide range of courses in Arts and Literatures, Medical Sciences, Law, Economy, Engineering, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Public Health, and Tourism Studies.

Udayana University has grown rapidly in number of students. By 2008, Udayana University had enrolled more than …students with …. international students from … countries.

Nias Campus

Jl. Nias was the original campus of Udayana University which was established in 1958. The most opulent of this campus is the fabulous statue of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, a monument to love science and technology. It is now home for Faculty of Letters and and Postgraduate Programs (Master and Doctorate) of Cultural Studies.

Sudirman Campus

Sudirman campus is in the heart of Denpasar, located within easy distance of major sights of the city. It is home for Postgraduate Programs and Medical Sciences Faculty.

The early days of the campus saw field of Palm trees planted along the front corridor, so that making the campus known as “Campus of Palm” or in Bahasa called “Kampus Palma”.

The campus has grown in number and facilities. This includes GDLN, an information and communication technology facilities to assist with our work and strengthen the connections with. which allows all university member to access distance tutorial and conference

Bukit Jimbaran Campus

Built in 1986, this is relatively a new campus, and is now the largest of Udayana’s three campuses. It is designed like a town. Facilities include health clinic, university library, sport centre, post office, guesthouse and university housing. While, International hospital, shopping centre, lake and leisure facilities are being made available soon.

The campus is within easy reach from Ngurah Rai International Airport and major tourism sites of Kuta and Nusa Dua.

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